What Conspiracy? Aliens are among us!

Half of Americans believe in conspiracy theories. Yes, you are likely to enjoy our ultimate conspiracy videos built on alien evidence and common fallacies

America is a vast conspiracy to make you happy –J. Updike

Half of Americans Believe at Least 1 Conspiracy Theory

On April 9, 2014 the Pacific Standard reported the results of a behavioral study. Two researchers of the University of Chicago, Eric Oliver and Thomas J. Wood created fake conspiracies to measure how prone Americans are to support such theories. 

The results are quite impressive:

Overall, “almost the entire sample said they had heard of at least one of the conspiratorial narratives they were asked about.” Also, the researchers found that over 55 percent agreed with at least one of them.

  • All in all 19 percent of Americans expressed the belief that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job. Another 22% decided to remain neutral, unwilling to either endorse or refute the theory.
  • Likewise 24 percent agreed that President Obama was not born in the United States, with 24% neutral. Hmm, this one seems to fit the political partisanship!. 
  • Furthermore 17 percent recognized the fake theory itself and 10% of the respondents believed it! 

Do you feel in control of Good and Evil?

The researchers explain the results by two psychological predispositions. First, the need to feel in control pushes us to draw conclusions in spite of weak evidence.  I wonder if our new awareness of this shortcoming can reduce our gullibility – hmm, probably not!  Second, the conspiracy theories feed our natural attraction towards the universal struggles between good and evil.  The Force be with you!

conspiracy about the AIDS virus
Conspiracy theory about aliens spreading AIDS virus on planet Earth

So of course I jumped on the researchers’ idea and created my own completely fictional Alien driven conspiracy theory. I didn’t have to look too far.  Just type “top 10 conspiracy” in Google or YouTube search engines and you will be amazed by the weird stuff you can find!  Crazy world, crazy people!

The MAKING-Of the Ultimate Conspiracy. It all makes sense now!

  1. Alien base exists on the dark side of the moon
  2. Their landing base on earth is located in the Bermuda triangle
  3. Alien faked a crash landing at Roswell to infiltrate Army and gain progressive control of US government
  4. Also, they assassinated JFK to stop the moon exploration program and keep their moon base secret
  5. Hence, the moon landing video was an hoax
  6. Because it was going too far, some aliens joined the resistance. Like Princess Diana who was killed just before revealing Alien control of:
    • Internet network to control opinion through social media and promote electronic banking to harvest gold held in central banks
    • terrorist group (9/11) to justify society control by army and police forces
    • Big Pharma to test new disease (AIDS) and prevent new cure
    • Global warming engineered by the aliens will make earth hospitable to a full scale invasion

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