About SpareTag.com

SpareTag.com was established in 2014 to create offbeat video clips about social trends, visual arts or recent discoveries that make us think, laugh or puke.

The videos are made of animation and other film footage to highlight any kind of thought-provoking ideas. Animating old paintings from Vincent Van Gogh or other great masters is also a favorite source of creativity. We enjoy looking at these masterpieces in motion to shade new lights and perspectives onto these famous and everlasting scenes.

Some of these animations have been uploaded as GIF images within each post to provide further visual illustration. All the GIF are hosted here.

Our Focus

Each post includes an in depth analysis or creative write-up to support the video topics. We are mainly revisiting broad and somewhat ageless human matters that deserve a modern view. In particular, we like to focus on the following topics:

Art & FictionSocietyPsychologySocial MediaScience
Original stories or short stories inspired by famous writers.Geopolitical or societal issues at the core of people life.How the brain works and other mind biases.Disruptive technologies & behaviors on social platforms.Studies bringing new knowledge or impacting the future of mankind.
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Our Brand – SpareTag

pointer to SpareTag brand

Why SpareTag ? Our brand name is:
1 : a primal scream <spare me the tag>, such as “I am not a number”
2 : a further <spare> pointer <tag> to highlight funny, disturbing, or weird news
3 : a place to follow <tagging> trends to help prevent <sparing> any harm
4 : an extra <spare> keyword <tag> to describe a matter and facilitate retrieval
5 : unique products <tag> with high rating <like a spare score at bowling>

Our Logo – 6420 Head

SpareTag logo
6 + 4 + 2 + 0 = ?

The SpareTag logo is an animation forming a head out of 4 even numbers (6, 4, 2, and 0). The head symbolizes humanity while the numbers stand for science and the overall design represents art. These are the three main focuses of our project. Overall, the head is screaming “I am not a number” to reject judgement on first look and conformity.

Our Promise

We aim to create memorable and persuasive short videos that are worthy, emotionally appealing, and providing new perspectives. SpareTag.com is not supporting or endorsing any partisanship agenda. All characters and events presented in our videos or posts are entirely fictional, even those based on real people.

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