When Unicorns Burned the Silicon Valley

How does technology affect us? The drama of social media addiction is unfolding as Silicon Valley unicorns’ greediness poses blazing threats to humanity

Technology changes all the time; human nature, hardly ever — Evgeny Morozov

Technology Utopia

We all wished technology would be good. Indeed, we hoped that technology would reunite mankind by connecting people. Likewise, we craved for healthy democratic debate over the internet forums to create a hive mind. Surely, all the knowledge barriers would be removed for a better and happier life. We definitely wanted to achieve total spiritual transcendence. Yes, this was our technology utopia.

  • So it was. Tech heaven, all over, forever.
  • High five, hive minds! Hi symbiotic soul systems!
  • Freedom of speech for democratic fool forums.
  • Bits and bots to better our bodily fever.
clouds morphing into silicon valley unicorns
Social networks do best when they tap into one of the seven deadly sins.
Facebook is ego. Zynga is sloth. LinkedIn is greed — Reid Hoffman

Tech Addiction Driven by Greedy Silicon Valley Unicorns

As usual the greedy behaviors of a few disrupted the grand aspirations of all.  Soon enough the so called Silicon Valley unicorns (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, etc) looked to exploit millennials’ eagerness for a new ideal of freedom.  To make a lot of money in a short period of time, social media developed technology addiction schemes. Now, we have raised a generation of virtual ghosts, hooked on repetitive and meaningless screen interactions.

  • Looking for transcendence, we met withdrawal.
  • Unicorns rose and drove virtual numbing creed:
  • Disruption and addiction to feed the beastly greed.
  • Social bridle, swill pill, sure opiate for all

Existential Singularity Threat

The worse is to come. Admittedly, the race is already on to create artificial intelligence that will soon lead to the birth of a conscious singularity. By then, competition will no longer be between Silicon Valley unicorns but with uncontrolled, inhuman, non-physical entities. Afterwards, there will be no referees to moderate this existential threat to mankind.

  • Now, singularities fly by for the money!
  • Looms to doom your wombs. I used to f… the police.
  • Now I f…  startups made in Silicon Valley
a single bubble in a huge bubble bath of other universes
Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity,
and I’m not sure about the former — Albert Einstein

Big Bang Boom! Another Quantum Leap!

Big bang boom! If technology destroy us, may be science will find an escape route. Still, even a trip to Mars may not be far enough to hide.  In the end, quantum physics may open a door to a parallel universe. We hope that we will be able to make the big quantum leap, naked as the first humans, to another bubble free of artificial singularities.

  • After the big burn out, will there be time to flee?
  • Crack the code. Crank the wheel. Big bang boom! And release
  • Another quantum leap to the next bubbly spree.

Soundtrack for Unicorns video:

Technophobia rap song against the Silicon Valley unicorns


All visuals were selected, edited, animated and colored by SpareTag.com to form the following sequences:

  1. Technology Utopia. Simple open scenery to signify the purity of the technology heaven at the center of which sits the tree of life. But the Technophobia clouds are forming as the sun sets. Indeed. the birds fly away in anticipation of the approaching danger but also as the symbol of the vanishing spirit of the technology utopia. 
  2. Greedy Silicon Valley Unicorns. Slowly, the clouds are taking the shape of the Silicon Valley unicorns (courtesy Escalada‘s Chevalier a la licorne), morphing into a Shin Megami Tensei demon to suggest the evil technology addiction scheme.
  3. Existential Singularity Threat. Once again, the clouds morph, this time in the shape of a spaceship destroyer embodying the existential threat of artificial intelligence singularity. 
  4. Big Bang Boom! The land and the tree of life are burning until everything collapses into a black hole. By then, a bubble universe appears out of nowhere in which a new tree of life is growing. Other parallel universes sprout, providing an optimistic ending about life and science.

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