Why the future belongs to Vampires

Are you afraid of vampires? Longevity research says young blood transfusion can help reverse aging in mice. What if, after all, drinking blood was the cure!

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Following our previous post on “how to become a Grim Reaper,” we continue our exploration of the dark worlds with this time the “Vampires.”  No, this was not planned but opportunistically triggered by 2 articles found in her Majesty’s Telegraph. 

Vampires with psychological need to consume blood

The first one relates to a study performed by Dr Emyr Williams, a psychology lecturer at Glyndwr University in Wrexham. For sure, with a name like that this university must be in Transylvania – Oops, apologies to my numerous Welsh readers! So, this doctor studied the lifestyle of “a group of individuals who believe they have a psychological need to consume blood.”  10,000 to 15,000 people in the UK belongs to this group, but you can apparently find these communities all over the world.

Vampires waking up
Drinking blood to feel young and vigorous

Where do these modern vampires find blood to drink?

Then I stumbled upon an article from Lee Moran in the NY Daily News.  Wait! Isn’t the Daily News the newspaper for which Superman, sorry Clark Kent, works?  Oops again and apologies to my numerous DC Comics readers since Clark works for the Daily Planet.  This article reported that a mom from Pennsylvania was drinking half a gallon of live human blood every month.  Wait a second, I am getting confused.  Is Pennsylvania located next to Transylvania? Oops for the third time and apologies to my numerous Mid-Atlantic states readers. 

So this mom is also a care worker.  Hold on now. Does that mean she works in a hospital with free access to blood supply? Nope and apologies to my numerous hospital worker readers. The beverage comes from actual donors that you can meet in local “oddities” stores. Is this another name for night clubs in New York City? Oops, apparently not, and apologies to my numerous night clubbing readers in NYC. 

So, these donors agree to be cut opened with a sterilized knife to satisfy the thirst of this 45-year old woman.  What?  I am missing something here but no need for apology this time.  Anyway, this woman says she drinks blood to feel “young and vigorous.”

Laboratory experience to measure effect of blood transfusion on aging like vampires
Louis Pasteur in his laboratory

Young blood transfusion in mice helps cure aging

This brings me to a third article but the second one from the Telegraph, if you still follow.  Admittedly, this article is the most serious one about science discovery to cure aging. Oops, didn’t know that was a disease – apologies to my numerous scientific readers. 

They do this blood transfusion stuff on mice who now have super powers. A bit like Superman from the Daily Planet (yes, I did remember correctly this time).  Not sure why they bothered these cute little things and didn’t just study the Tour de France bike riders.  They have been doing blood transfusion for years now to improve their cycling performance… Unless this was just to improve their memory of the stage route. I don’t remember, maybe it’s time for my pint of blood. 

Next post will be on werewolf – just kidding.

The MAKING-OF the Vampires

Video includes extracts from the following film trailers: Interview With The Vampire; Dracula Has Risen From The Grave; Taste The Blood Of Dracula; A Taste Of Blood; Horror Of Dracula; Mon Oncle d’Amerique;

Soundtrack for the future belongs to Vampires

Soundtrack starts with a rhythmic section reproducing a ticking clock and degenerating with time in ocean waves and aerial piano

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